Minister's Letter June

Dear Friends,


July and August are often quieter months, times when we can press the pause button, relax and recharge our batteries, ready to start again in September.  Some of us will take the opportunity to go on holiday, others to enjoy time in the garden, if the weather is fine.


Things are a little different for me this year as my time at Trinity comes to an end, and I begin my new Ministry at Dulwich Grove URC.  


Transitions are always a little scary and uncertain (especially for me) – you might know where you are going, but not what it will be like, or what you will discover when you get there.  It doesn’t matter whether you are moving to a new class at school, preparing to start college or university, moving house, or starting a new job – there is always a mix of emotions, excitement tinged with a little fear, until you get there, and settle into the new routines. 


I don’t know what lies ahead for me, or for either church over the next few months – little will change with your Sunday services (I will still be with you on the 2nd and 4thSundays of each month), but I may have to change what I do in the week, to factor in extra travel time and changing demands.  

It is a chance to rethink and to reset, to reflect on what is important, to work out what I can and should be doing with each church.  Some of that will be the same, some may be different – if there is something that you would like to see happening at Hayes Free, let me know – I hope to bring Bible Study back into the building, and to start a weekly prayer group, but there may be other things you would like to do, or to see happening – let me know if there is, as we try to answer the big question -  what is our mission, and what is God calling us to be and do in 2022 and beyond?  


We have come a long way over the last four years, and we have further to go, as we listen for the voice of God, and receive his wisdom and strength, today and every day to come. 


With love and blessings,