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shoppingThis week we are particularly short of these items. we would appreciate any donations of goods that you can spare.

To donate goods the Church is open every Friday (including school holidays) between 10.30 - 11.30am
we try our best to get everything that may be needed. 
Alternatively you are most welcome to make a monetary donation. If you want to donate the bank details are: Hayes Community Food Bank: 20-18-93 A/C 23568946

Our continued thanks to everyone who donates to the Food bank

food basket

News from the Food bank 

Some of you may have heard of Hello Fresh - but if not, it is a company that puts together all the ingredients one would need for a particular meal, and then it’s delivered to your door. All you need to do is follow the recipe. As the company says ‘pre-planned menus, pre-measured ingredients, picky appetites catered for, very little clean-up’. All sounds marvellous - and it is! Except when on a Thursday evening at 5.30, about 97 brown paper bags were delivered to our Food Bank with a huge variety of different meals, and for a varying number of people. And some of the bags were decidedly soggy so something inside had leaked…….


As the bags stood it would be very difficult to just give them out to our families, so we decided the best thing to do was empty each one and put all similar items together. 


food boxes

We started unpacking - and in this bag there might be 2 courgettes,1 spring onion and some North Indian spices, and in another 1 carrot, a small box of tomatoes, a sprig of rosemary and a sachet of honey, and another some bulgur wheat, 1 red onion, some pak choi and a lime! It all took quite a time and the call of ‘who’s got the onions/herbs/watercress?’ echoed around the church - and I must confess we did dissolve into giggles at times when you opened a bag and thought – what on earth do you do with this assortment? When all the bags had been emptied we left the containers ready for the Friday “fresh” team to divide between the families, so at least 3 families might have received a bunch of spring onions instead of 32 families receiving just one!


We are always very grateful for the donations received and are constantly bowled over by the generosity of our local community. It’s just we’re not always sure what to do with a sachet of mango chutney, a butternut squash and an aubergine……. 

 If you can't get to the shops financial donations are always welcome - our bank details are HAYES COMMUNITY FOOD BANK; 20-18-93; A/C 23568946.

Teresa and the team.

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