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On Saturday evening a number of packers, Trustees and members of the Lead team attended a fund raising evening at the Warren along with volunteers from other Foodbanks in Bromley. We were supporting Transforming Bromley Borough (TBB) which is an umbrella body that co-ordinates and assists the churches that are running foodbanks in the borough. TBB set up the original links with Fareshare and the Hygiene bank, both of which we access for supplies. Sadly, however donations of food and toiletries from the big supermarkets has been on the decline over the last year so the plan is to raise funds to cope with the shortfall.  


It was a very enjoyable evening and I believe about £1500 was raised from the ticket sales and the auction. It is however a drop in the ocean when spread across the TBB group, but it was a good opportunity to meet other volunteers and share stories – what did you do with all those radishes we were given, someone asked!


Back at base it was just as well that the resurfacing of the church floor didn’t happen until February because it meant that we could take our foodbank shelves down and store them in the Mothers and Toddlers room. In the autumn you could hardly move in that room because we had had so many Harvest donations but now it’s looking quite empty. We have reasonable financial reserves so can top up supplies and we will do a donations push at the local schools prior to Easter. Newstead Wood School has already offered to purchase an Easter egg for every child we support, which is great.


The Easter deliveries will go out on Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th March to avoid the Good Friday service and we are hoping to add a couple of Easter treats to the bags. Our thanks, as always to everyone who supports us – with money, donations and prayer. 



Teresa and the Team