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food bank

The following items are always needed.

Chocolate spread             Peanut butter          Jam
Squash                           Cartons of Juice       Coffee
Pasta Sauces                   Curry Sauces           Chinese Sauces
Tuna                               Sweet Corn             Tinned Veg
Tinned tomatoes              Tinned Custard        Jelly 
Packets of biscuits            Rice Pudding                                    Long life milk es
pecially 'full fat'
Large bags of multi flavour crisps

Cleaning and Toiletry Items
Tubs of washing capsules   Washing up liquid    Shower gel
Shampoo and Conditioner

We try our best to get everything you may need.
To donate goods the church is open every Friday
(including school holidays) between 10.30 -11.30am
In association with Churches Together in Hayes
proudly sponsored and supported by Hayes Kent Trust, Hayes School,  Hayes Primary School, TBB Food Partne
rship, FareShare

Hayes Community Foodbank – almost 1 year on

When the first families  
Food Bankwere supported back in March 2020 as the first lockdown began,few imagined that a year on the Foodbank would still be operational, let alone have grown in such a way as to now be supporting anything up to 35 families.  

The unpredictable way the pandemic has unfolded has surprised us all and yet, far from overwhelming us, we have been able to grow to meet the demand – so far! However, if we are to continue to support the community we need to be sure the systems and support we have in place are robust enough to meet further demand. To be sure this will be the case, the decision has been taken to set the Foodbank up as a CIO – a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. This is a relatively new structure, introduced in 2013 by the Charity Commission, to create a more straightforward process for charities, such as foodbanks, to register for Charitable Status.

The structure of a CIO seems the most appropriate way forward.  Registration with the Commission is a quicker process, it allows the charity to appoint its own Trustees responsible for running the charity and gives the charity the legal capacity to do things in its own name.  However, perhaps one of the biggest advantages is that it gives small charities the chance to gain Charitable Status regardless of their income – usually the Charity Commission will only register conventional charities if they have an income of more than £5,000.

It is an exciting step – a Registered Charity Number will bring security to the future of the Foodbank and ensure the community of Hayes is supported through the months ahead.

Teresa and the team.