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HAYES COMMUNITY FOOD BANK: Registered Charity 1198866

Account details (Co-op Bank):

Hayes Community Foodbank Kent; 08-92-99; 67307296.


The attached photos tell two very different stories.


The first is the mountains of food donated between Harvest and Christmas last year.

The second is of all that is left from those fabulous donations. 

We are now relying on your generous financial donations to fill our shelves so that we can still send out to our families a reasonable number of staples. We have cut back on just how much we can deliver but we always try to include some protein and basics such as onions, potatoes and tin tomatoes. The families are incredibly appreciative of all that they receive – we know this from the comments they make to our delivery drivers but one can’t help wondering where this is all leading to. Food and fuel prices continue to rise. Childrens feet still grow needing new shoes. Bills still have to be paid. 

The continued financial support is very welcome because we can target our buying so - THANK YOU!!!


And now we have another request – we are looking for more volunteers, particularly drivers to deliver the food bags on a Friday. If you wanted to shadow a delivery driver to see if this is a  role for you that could be arranged. We always need packers on both Thursday and Friday so if this is something that might be of interest to you please let me know or contact Becky on

And finally – as Trevor MacDonald on the 10pm news used to say – we said goodbye in this last month to a couple of volunteers who have given body and soul to the Foodbank over the last 2 years but have now moved on. Thank you so much for everything you have done.                                               Teresa and the Team