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       For our Christmas edition we have invited the Rangers to take over the regular Food Bank report:

As with all things in Guiding it started with a ‘good idea’......
Our Rangers theme for the Autumn term was Take Action, Make Change so we agreed that as the foodbank was located in the church we would focus on that. We know that each of us playing a small part can help to make a bigger change.
The following statements are from the Rangers 

  • -  Being in school full time I can’t do much but coming along regularly has made me feel I’m contributing

  • -  I think giving my time is a valuable as giving money

  • -  I was shocked to think some of the families could be my


  • -  I’m staggered just how much food is needed

  • -  I like doing the Saturday collections - people are so generous

    and they want to know what we do in Rangers. We discussed

    knitting the last time with 2 ladies!

  • -  You know that saying about a dog isn’t just for Christmas. Well

    donating is a bit like that too – its not just at Harvest and

    Christmas, the foodbank needs donations throughout the year.

  • -  Do you think the foodbank is here to stay? In Hayes?

    Since September 2021 we, alongside 3rdHayes Guides, have raised over £700. That was through a cake sale after church parade, Saturday collections in Hayes, and Guides and Rangers bringing in money to the meetings each week. It sounds like a lot but if you divide that up between 30 families that amounts to just £23 for 1 week. That’s not going to buy very much.

    Our meeting this Friday, 3rd December, we are going to Bromley and in groups we are going to buy some small presents for the children of the families. Each group will have a target group to buy for – boys age 5 – 10 for example, and then we will add these to the Christmas deliveries.

    Watch out for us in Hayes on Saturday 11th December. From 1st Hayes Rangers


As one of the Rangers points out above, the Food Bank is not just for special occasions – food is needed week in and week out. And so the regular needs continue just as ever:

  • -  Tinned tuna; Tinned tomatoes; Baked beans; Long life milk

  • -  Pasta sauces; Curry sauce; Sweetcorn; Rice

  • -  Tinned fruit; Custard; Biscuits; Crisps; Snack bars

  • -  Shampoo; Shower gel; Washing up liquid

    But it is of course Christmas time and so extra choccies or seasonal foods are

    also very welcome – though ideally please bring them early enough for the Food Bank to get them out to people in good time for Christmas.


    Thank you, as ever, for all your help.

    Anyone wishing to make a financial donation please note our Bank details.

    Hayes Community Food Bank account sort code 20 - 18 - 93

    account number 23568946



It will be no surprise that demands on the Food Bank are likely to be high as we go into winter, especially with prices rising, and the various shortages that we have been warned to expect. At the moment however we are still benefiting from the Harvest Festival donations of local schools (both the Hayes Schools, and Newstead Woods) and of course those of our own Harvest Festival. The Rangers are continuing to support the Food Bank, and raised £61.35 from the cake sale which they held after our Harvest service. Donors and helpers are beginning to think about Christmas, and some seasonal goodies (to be kept back for the right time, of course) are starting to appear.

The number of families currently receiving support is 33, and this looks to be a fairly stable situation. The Food Bank is continuing to pursue charitable status, which would enable it to receive gift aid on donations. Meanwhile, we owe a big debt of gratitude to everyone who helps or donates, and want to thank the congregation at Hayes for all the support, encouragement, love and prayers which they constantly provide.

If you want to donate to Hayes Community Food Bank the details are:          Sort code 20-18-93   Account 23568946 

Thank you from Teresa and the food bank team